Profile Cutting, Forming and Machining

Profile Cutting

Our facility is equipped with a CAD-controlled, oxy fuel profile machine which ensures your complex profiling requirements are met with precision.

Through our sister business Relay Engineering, we provide high definition plasma profile and water jet profile cutting. We can cut most materials to very high tolerances with guaranteed precision.

Water Jet profile cutting has multiple benefits including:

  • No heat affected zones
  • No mechanical stress
  • Superior cut quality
  • No edge finishing
  • Ability to cut any material


Jolibar Metal Works has both Rollers and Press Brakes that are capable of forming a multitude of plate thicknesses. Our range of tooling capabilities means that most bends can be achieved. The press brakes can also be used for repair of damage parts that require reforming or bending.

Through our sister business Relay Engineering, we access 100 tonne CNC Press Brake capability for precision bending of components.


Jolibar Metal Works are specialists in light to medium machining. Our machine shop facility has a wide range of machinery including manual and CNC milling, horizontal boring machines, vertical and horizontal lathes and conventional drilling machines.
Our machining capabilities are;

  • Turning – 1,500mm x 1,500mm x 3,000Kgs
  • Milling - 1,500mm x 1,500mm x 1,500Kgs
  • Horizontal Boring - 1,500mm x 1,500mm x 3,000Kgs

We can deliver larger fabricated and machined components utilising the machining capability of our sister companies.


Our workshop is equipped with two tandem 5 tonnes gantry cranes enabling the facility to handle up to 10 Tonne capacity lifts.